Coffee, Tea, & Treats


We offer free delivery to businesses located downtown from TFC to the Toccoa Clinic. 


Delivery hours are limited to Tue - Fri 11am-4pm although our full menu is available in-store during all open hours. 

$6.00 order minimums for delivery.  


Call 706-886-2665 to Order 


Coffee & Espresso 

 [ash-ling] Brew   Espresso  Cappuccino*
 12oz./$2.85     20oz./$3.10  12oz./$1.55     20oz./$2.46  12oz./$3.64     20oz./$4.60
 Cheap Coffee  Macchiato*  Latte*
 In House Mug $1.00  12oz./$1.95     20oz./$2.73  12oz./$3.64     20oz./$4.60
 Americano  Steamer  Iced Latte*
 12oz./$2.30     20oz./$2.80  12oz./$2.19     20oz./$3.16  16oz./$4.55     24oz./$4.76
     16oz./$4.66     24oz./$4.98


*Homemade Syrup Flavors: Vanilla, Caramel, Almond, Mocha, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Simple, Cherry 


Spiced & Loose Leaf Tea 

 Chai  Hot Tea  Flowering Tea
 12oz./$3.40     20oz./$3.85  12oz./$2.05     20oz./$2.55  *See Current Offering
 Iced or Frozen Chai  Blended Ice Tea  
 16oz./$4.55     24oz./$4.76  16oz./$2.05     24oz./$2.55  
 Dirty Chai- Hot    
 12oz./$4.76     20oz./$4.98    
 Dirty Chai- Iced/Frozen    
 16oz./$4.76     24oz./$4.98    


Specialty Drinks 

Hot Chocolate Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Smoothie's Pomgranate Lemonade
12oz./$3.40     20oz./$3.85  16oz./$4.66     24oz./$4.98 Italian Soda
  Current Selection:  16oz./$2.85     24oz./$3.10
  Strawberry Bannana Infused Water
 Kombucha Orange Creamsicle-Green 16oz./$2.05     24oz./$2.55
 16oz./$5.00 Blueberry Protein Current Selection: 
 32oz. Growler $14.00 Refills $10.00   Grape with Lime and Strawberry
 64oz. Growler $24.00 Refills $20.00   Cucumber with Mint and Dill


Sweets & Treats 

Brittle  Crispie Treats  
$1.00/oz $2.00  
Dried Fruit & Leathers     


We strive to use organic, whole ingredients in our drinks and treats. By setting these standards, we sometimes find it more difficult to offer as many items or flavors as we'd like, but the benefits of having healthier choices outweigh those of a larger selection!