Artisan Consignor Agreement

All of our consigned product are selected by jury. Please complete our Artisan Consignor Agreement to be considered. Our artisans are selected by a private panel and the criteria for acceptance is as follows: Design, Originality, Presentation, Retail Potential, Suitability to our space limitations, and whether the items are in direct competition with our other consignees. 

Products do not have to be handmade, or designed or manufactured locally to be chosen although they do take presidence in our selection process.

We look forward to the possibility of adding your products to our store and website. Thank you for applying. We will do our best to respond with an answer within ten business day.

You will need to provide a picture of each item you are wanting to sell at Aisling Collective Inc. DBA [ash-ling] Booksellers for review. Notification to the applicant will be made in writing within seven business days. We are always excited to add new items to our store and look forward to reviewing your application.

Please INITIAL each in agreement to the following TERMS:

The consignor establishes retail price. In the event of a sale, the consignor receives 70% of the established retail price.
If a consignor wishes to make changes to their price, they must state the changes in writing and be approved by [ash-ling] Booksellers.
All items are consigned for a period of 90 days. Seasonal items are not held to the 90 day period. Seasonal Items will be defined by Aisling Collective Inc. DBA [ash-ling] Booksellers. The consignor is hereby notified, that all property consigned is at the owner’s risk. Shop personnel will exercise all due care, however, Aisling Collective Inc. DBA [ash-ling] Booksellers and its management will not be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage to consigned property.
Consignor payments for all sales and transactions of the previous month will be made by check and will be ready for pickup on the 10th of each month, or the following shop business day. Monthly sales balances totaling less than $25.00 will be carried forward to the following month. The consignor must cash all checks within 90 days of the issue date or the check becomes void.
Consignors wishing to have their check mailed must inform management. Aisling Collective Inc. DBA [ash-ling] Booksellers and management will not be responsible for any check that is lost in the mail.
Aisling Collective Inc. DBA [ash-ling] Booksellers will be charging sales tax on its items and will handle all the filing of such taxes.
Aisling Collective Inc. DBA [ash-ling] Booksellers is covered by insurance for fire and criminal activities such as breaking and entering.
Items are sold “as is” and there will not be a return policy. We do ask for your cooperation when handling any customer complaints.
The consignor owns their work until it is sold. The responsibility is upon the consignor to maintain their own inventory. When we send your check, we will provide you will an inventory list. It is your responsibility to check your list against ours and inform us of any discrepancies.
Consignor will not consign items containing copyrighted or patented material of other individuals. Aisling Collective Inc. DBA [ash-ling] Booksellers and its management will not assume liability for any copyright or patent infringement by the consignor. No commercial items will be accepted from a consignor.
Consignment product delivery to Aisling Collective Inc. DBA [ash-ling] Booksellers must be properly packaged for storage and formally received by store personnel. Pick up and delivery of your items must be done during advertised store hours and preferably during week days as to alleviate congestion on busy weekends.
Aisling Collective Inc. DBA [ash-ling] Booksellers retains the right to determine how consignor’s product will be displayed, including quantities and selection. The store also retains the right to display and market consigned products through its retail marketing opportunities. This includes, but is not limited to, our website, promotional events, advertising, and in-store displays.
All item description forms must be filled out completely.
The consignor agrees that he or she will not undersell or consign similar items for less than the retail price he or she has established at Aisling Collective Inc. DBA [ash-ling] Booksellers.
Due to limited space, number of to be consigned items, will be subject to the discretion of the management. The store management reserves the right to refuse any item submitted for consignment. No obscene material will be accepted.
All items will be tagged with Cardinal Creations, Inc. tags. You are also welcome to put your own tag on as well.
Special orders are available for the consignor to participate in and must go through the shop. The customer will prepay all special orders. Crafters will receive payment for the special order the month following delivery of the item. You have the option to not participate in special orders.
Aisling Collective Inc. DBA [ash-ling] Booksellers may from time to time offer promotional sales. All sales will come from Aisling Collective Inc. DBA [ash-ling] Booksellers 30%. In other words, you will always receive 70% of the amount in which you agreed to sell your item at.
This agreement may be terminated by either party providing a 15 days written notice to the other party.
I agree to abide by the policies as stated. My signature appearing below, certifies that I have carefully read and understand the terms of this Aisling Collective Inc. DBA [ash-ling] Booksellers Consignment Contract as stated herein. I have received a copy of the terms of this contract.