Lakeside University Cover Up (Paperback)

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A cross is burned in the yard of two black Lakeside University students. When campus officials call the incident a harmless prank, both black and white student organizations, launch a series of protests to force the administration into conducting a full investigation. Instead, the administration devises a divide and conquer scheme to create a rift between black and white students. As black students turn up the pressure, the campus stands on the verge of a racial explosion. Campus leaders must find a way out of the crisis so they seek the help of Dr. Wendell Oliver, the country's leading expert in diffusing racial tension. Dr. Oliver takes the feuding students on a weekend retreat filled with action, danger, sexual attraction and racial conflict. He helps students look beyond themselves and discover the secret behind the cross burning. They learn that the cross burning is more than just about racism. Its wicked flames shed light on corrupt cops, complicit college administrators and misguided attitudes that point to a major cover up. When students piece the puzzle together, justice is finally served, but it comes with a steep price. Lakeside University will never be the same again.

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ISBN: 9780935483536
ISBN-10: 0935483535
Publisher: Praxis Publications, Incorporated
Publication Date: August 2nd, 2012
Pages: 202
Language: English