Who are my parents? (Paperback)

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How desperate must a young mother be to abandon her baby? Jada, a black foundling, grown up with her white adoptive parents, Karen and Mike, a teenager by now, is seeking answers to this and many more questions, and therefore urges to find her biological parents. Karen and Mike assign the search to the private detective Evelyn, a Mexican immigrant. She accepts without realizing how long and how much this search in the past will captivate her. First, she sets out in search of Jada's mother. After an intensive search in all directions, she finds out that Jada's mother is no longer alive. But this is only the beginning of her mission. Only with help of public media she collects information and builds it together piece by piece like a puzzle. She finds out that Jada's mother was from the Dominican Republic, and must now seek the connection of how and why she came to the United States. For this, and to find Jada's father, Evelyn travels to the Caribbean, where she learns the tragic story of a young woman. She is confronted with abysses appearing before her. The more she works her way into this case, the more she becomes fascinated by Sherlyn, Jada's mother. The tragedy attracts Evelyn magically. Without realizing it, this case turns Evelyn's own life completely upside down; nothing is the way it was. Even Sherlyn's great love eventually becomes Evelyn's love. And Evelyn ends up with a broken heart, just like Sherlyn did before. . . .A drama which one begins to read and does not want to stop; full of tension, mysticism and sad facts about this country: Voodoo sessions, disguised as prayer circles, pedophilia, which is partly still lived quite normally, although thanks to UNESCO an awareness for this topic is slowly emerging, as well as prostitution, especially in the coastal areas; drugs, ubiquitous poverty, lack of infrastructure. With this book I give an insight into the wonderful, but poor country, as it is hardly perceived as a 'normal' tourist. But it wouldn't be a book about the Caribbean if hot erotic nights didn't also play a role in it.

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ISBN: 9781089406808
ISBN-10: 1089406800
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 10th, 2019
Pages: 248
Language: English