Santa Sauce: A Kinky Christmas Tale (Paperback)

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Santa Sauce: A Kinky Christmas Tale is a riveting story of a newly divorced, unemployed, and penniless man trying to find his way in his hometown of Franklin, Tennessee. Even though Elliot Foster's life has changed drastically, that doesn't deter him from being his true self: loving, caring, and an undercover freak. While searching for a career in engineering, a unique job offer lands in Elliot's lap, male escorting. As he's fulfilling the wealthy ladies needs with his "paid-for" services, Elliot becomes entangled in the lives of two beautiful women: a battered and broken-spirited woman, Melody Trampell; a high school crush whom still holds the keys to his heart, and a bossy, demanding, and cut-throat beauty, Tamara Reese, whom only want to have explicit and naughty fun. That's until she has a change of heart.Will Elliot have the career of his dreams, or will the handsome man continue to drop his sauce on the wealthy ladies? Will Elliot mend Melody's broken heart? Will he continue to have naughty fun with Tamara? What will become of Elliot and Tamara since she wants more than intimate pleasure?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781650440941
ISBN-10: 1650440944
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 30th, 2019
Pages: 164
Language: English