Why It's Tough Being A Demigod (Paperback)

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Meet Joe Rahim. He's a tall, good-looking young man living the good life in the City of Toronto, Ontario. Born of a Somali immigrant father and a French-Canadian mother, Joe is the son of two worlds, but fits in neither one. Everyone's favorite underachiever is having a hell of a time at Ryerson University's School of Law. Hyper-competitive academia seriously sucks sometimes. To keep himself amused, Joe drives his boss Wendy crazy at Starbucks, and has a dalliance with tall, gorgeous and curvy, big-booty Haitian student Jacqueline Valmont. The feisty dame is totally his type. Joe Rahim also enjoys a manly good time with Jamaican hunk Samuel Winston. Nothing wrong with that. Sexual fluidity is a beautiful thing. Monosexual life is boring. Things get complicated when Joe, everyone's favorite hedonist, meets the mysterious Bucur, a powerful magical being from Pre-Islamic Somali Folklore. According to Bucur, Joe is descended from the Ayaanle, powerful beings who were the intermediaries between Man and Waaq the ancient Cushitic Sky God. As it turns out, Joe is one of the last remaining Demigods, and a powerful evil force is Hell bent on destroying him. In order to survive, Joe Rahim must overcome his strong leanings towards apathy, sexual addiction, hedonism and self-destruction, and learn to protect those around him.

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ISBN: 9781678055332
ISBN-10: 1678055336
Publisher: Lulu.com
Publication Date: March 18th, 2021
Pages: 320
Language: English