Tongue Me Down (Paperback)

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Brooke Mills adores everything about being an adult film reviewer and event coordinator until her boss retires and his replacement is brought in to steer the ship. Suddenly, Brooke is on edge and ready to do whatever it takes to get away from the sexy, jerk of a beast who makes her touch herself, even when he's not around. Brooke's resistance to him and his demands are obvious in the beginning but before she has a chance to make sense of it all, Kawan starves her inhabitations and makes her yearnings to be tongued down by him, more potent than she can handle. Though before she has a chance to build a stable resistance to her growing addiction to everything he does to her body, an unexpected string of events threatens her entire perception of him and the secret feelings she has for him... When Kawan Hawkins accepts the position as the new director and supervisor, for Nuts and Cream Adult Media Company, he has no idea it comes with a sultry, hot-tempered, smart-mouthed and dangerously sexy woman named Brooke Mills, who he'd have to work so closely with. From jump, Kawan figured she's no different from any other woman but quickly finds that he'd never been more wrong and more intriguingly attracted to her. Before he realizes it, wanting Brooke and trying to keep his hands off her thighs becomes his only priority. But the actual follow through is one he ultimately has a hard time abiding by. Things suddenly take a deliciously interesting turn and the real fun begins. Stroke for stroke, Kawan tongues Brooke down every chance he gets with the intention to get her completely hooked on his loving. But as with any addiction, not everyone is happy or able to handle the effects of the jones and as a result, will do anything or kill keep these lovers from trying to get that next fix...

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ISBN: 9781723446627
ISBN-10: 1723446629
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 16th, 2018
Pages: 150
Language: English