Bitter Root II: The Next Chapter! (Paperback)

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The saga continues ... Bitter Root II is a Christian novel that exposes the real-life episodes of the characters, away from the church. Rachel Spearman was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, inherited from her father who became wealthy from his winery. Rachel found solace in her prearranged fortune and allowed her wealth to insulate her from the realities and struggles of others around her. She used her fortune to walk over others on the way to the top But Rachel was using her wealth and success to mask abandonment, the trauma of rape, and demons of the past that still haunted her; that would wreak havoc in her life and those around her. She was weaving an indescribable web of lies, deception, selfishness, and abuse that hoarded bitterness.

Her attitude and demeanor seemed to plunge down a slippery slope, only to hit rock bottom It caused undue turmoil in a once blissful marriage, family, and business Greed and bitterness were at the root of her demise Where will it end? Will she fall off the earth or will she bounce back, better than before? Rachel Spearman's legacy that she inherited from her father, Antonio, was wealth. But will her legacy turn into bitterness because of greed fueled by the trauma of her past?

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ISBN: 9781732969148
ISBN-10: 1732969140
Publisher: Jj Planter Books Self-Publishing
Publication Date: August 1st, 2019
Pages: 272
Language: English