You Ain't Gotta Say Too Much (Paperback)

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Love was never a problem for Braylen Lewis but to be loved by the right one was an issue. For many years, Braylen secretly wished that he could openly love his best friend's sister, Hailey Goldsmith. Knowing that he couldn't, Braylen entangled himself in an untrustworthy, back and forth type of relationship. One careless night of erotic pleasures with Hailey placed Braylen in several situations that caused issues within families and friendships. Will Braylen finally have love from the right one? Will he be able to rectify the issues within family and friends?Love was all Hailey Goldsmith ever wanted, and that was all she would ever need to feel complete. A nasty message from her deadbeat mother and a failed relationship didn't deter Hailey from seeking a happy ending with her boyfriend of six years. That was until things took a turn in their relationship. Refusing to feel as if her mother cursed her, Hailey decided to place her mind and attention elsewhere-enjoying sexual gratifications with her brother's best friend. In the midst of her naughty adventure, Hailey learned the true nature of those around her, placing the love that she had for them at stake. Will Hailey mother's message turn her into a sexual prowess, or will she discover the feelings that she suppressed for Braylen, further shoving herself into his arms and believing in love again?

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ISBN: 9781794602571
ISBN-10: 1794602577
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 22nd, 2019
Pages: 240
Language: English