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Chip-In Cookie Card

Now every time you buy a treat from the bookstore bar you are earning your way to a cookie and a donation to be made to your favorite local non-profit! It's simply, just pick up a loyalty card and have it punched everytime you spend $3.00 or more with us. When your card is fully pucnched we will give you a free cookie and make a donation! to the non-profit you select from us!

If you know of a non-profit that you'd like added to our list of ones we select from, fill out the form below and we will do the rest!

Artisan Consignors

All of our consigned products are selected by jury. Please submit a request if you would like to be consiered as an Artisan Consignor with us. Our artisans are selected by a private panel and the criteria for acceptance is as follows: Design, Originality, Presentation, Retail Potential, Suitability to our space limitations, and whether the items are in direct competition with our other consignees.