A Little Fall Festival

A Little Fall Festival will be a unique, one-of-a-kind event.

As we've all been hit with with the ramifications of COVID-19 we must find a balance between community, business, and health saftety. 

- Vendors will be in 10x10 booths spaced 20 feet apart on all sides. -

- Walking roadways will be designed to be one way to help keep the flow of vistors walking in one direction. -

- We encourage those that feel like they cannot maintain social distancing to wear masks. -

In addition, there will be many small implementations to help make the event as safe for our community and those in it stay healthy.


*We wish we could offer vendor space at no charge, as we know how hard this year has been on everyone finacially. Because of insurance and other expenses associated we are charging only what we must in order to cover cost. 10x10 booths without power will be $40 for the two day event.