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How to PRINT with our PrintWithMe Kiosk:

STEP 1: From any location email your file to

STEP 2: PrintWithMe will email you back with a link to confirm payment.

STEP 3: Once you're ready, your document will begin printing.


Printing Rates


Page Count


1 $1.09 per page
2-5 + $.45 per page
6-10 + $.35 per page
11+ + $.25 per page


Page Count


1 $1.29 per page
2-5 + $.95 per page
6-10 + $.85 per page
11+ + $.75 per page


Printing FAQ

What types of files can I print?

We recommend using PDF for best results, but we support these filetypes: .pdf .docx .doc .jpeg .jpg .png .tiff .gif .png .rtf .odt .txt

What size and quality paper do you use?

We use Hammermill Premium Laser Print, 24 lb, 98 Brightness paper. We print on standard 8½"x11" size paper.

How can I print multiple files?

You can attach multiple files to a single email, all documents will be printed when your order is completed. We recommend doing this instead of creating multiple orders.

Are my files secure and private?

Yes! We encrypt all files we receive and securely delete them from our servers once they've been printed according to industry best practices. We do not scan the contents of your documents for advertising or any reason.

What if the printer is out of paper, ink, or toner?

We remotely monitor the supply levels in our printers and inform on-site staff when refills are needed. However, if there happens to be an outage preventing you from printing you can ask a staff member or email our support team for quick service.

Can I print photos?

We can handle many image file formats (.jpeg .jpg .png .tiff .gif .png) but be advised our printers are not photo-quality printers and we use regular copy paper so results will vary.

Can I print remotely and pick up my documents?

We strongly discourage you from pressing "Print" before you arrive. This is an unstaffed print station and you should therefore wait until you arrive to complete your print order.

Can I scan, copy, or fax at this location?

No this location does not have scan, copy, and fax available at this time but we are in the process of making these services availbale. Those rates vary by location and will be presented at the time of purchase.

Is there a PC or Terminal available where I can pull up and edit my document?

No, we do not have a computer terminal available for pulling up or editing documents. Our system is meant for attached documents that you can forward from your phone or laptop, via email, to the printer.

Can I bring my own paper?

No. This printer can only handle its own paper supply and you will not be able to swap out paper when you arrive.

Does your printer use ink or toner?

We only use laser-jet printers, which use toner. We do not support ink-jet related projects.